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Latest News

12083 (class 11), has now passed into private ownership from HNRC and is now under the Shackerstone Diesels banner. Well done to 'Project 12083' with their aquisition, and we hope to have her thrashing up the line at a gala in the not too distant future. 

This loco has now arrived at Shackerstone, more details will be put on here shortly, but here's a few pics for the time being...

Visions International have released the eagarly anticipated sequel to Carry on Clagging. This edition features numerous shots taken at the Battlefield Line of our diesels all in fine form, many at the Autumn 2006 diesel gala. There are many other railways featured showing off their diesel traction, all with plenty of clag- HELLFIRE!!!

Diesel Gala page updated- 'Review of the 2006 Autumn Diesel Gala'

Saturday 20th January was the date of the annual Shackerstone Diesels post X-mas bash . The evening consisted of a round of skittles, with the winners being the 'class eleven heaven' team, a copious amount of Church End Brewery ale consumed, and a range of awards given to some members including;
The most clag award (a jar full of smoke)-
31130 and Suburban Preservation due to their smokey antics at the last gala.
Worn brake block award-
Bob Matthews for doing the most diesel driving turns.
Velcro Pants award-
Also to Bob Matthews for not getting out of the driving seat and letting the secondman have a go.
Golden mug award-
Awarded to Graham Close for managing to spill our tea in the BG last year when doing a 'rough' shunt.
Potting shed award-
Goes to the owner of the class 11 (12083) for having the loco that has done the least work over the past year (even though he has only owned it for 4 days or so).



Well its been a P-way day today for the railway, and as usual the Diesel Department turned out in force (where are the rest of the railways members!!!- P-way every week till April!!!).


As you can see from the pictures, we worked hard and managed to change a number of sleepers and fishplates/bolts.


An 'enjoyable' day and the same should be happening tomorrow.


A Happy New Year to all.


As you can probably see, there is now a page dedicated to the running days and diesel galas. This will help us keep you informed of when each loco is running and what special events we are planning.


More pictures are being added all the time, with more of the Shackerstone Diesels members taking on the task of filling the gallery with their old photos. Lets keep 'em coming!



Gallery pages added. I know there isnt that many photos at the moment but the gallery should have plenty of pictures in by the end of January. Also, there is now a 'sub-domain' accessible dedicated to 37227, and one is currently being made for 31101 and 31130- see loco page for details.


Website goes live!
We have now been without a website for a little while and now its back. Hopefully it will grow over the coming months with more things being added and hopefully we will keep you up to the minute regarding our Diesel Galas (i know that in the past information has been lacking in advance so we will be trying our best).