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Diesel Gala/Events

Details of our forthcoming diesel gala's and other diesel related events, as well as reviews of past events.
Spring Diesel Gala dates announced!!!-
This year the Spring gala will be held on 21st/22nd April
As you can see from the photo below, it takes alot of thinking to get a diesel gala timetable and roster (the photo shows Chris trying to work out the timetable in a pub 2 nights before a Diesel Gala!)

Gala Review-
Autumn 2006 Diesel Gala; 15th-17th September
This diesel gala was deemed a huge success by all who organised it. The event featured the running of 31101 (masquerading as 31135), 31130, 33019, 47244 and 73114 with appearances made by the visiting German Railbus as well. All performed well with no major failures (unlike the April gala!), and they all seemed to have a decent following. As per usual, the locos were put to the test, accelerating to 25mph as quick as possible, and creating a huge black cloud much to the delight of some of the guys in the front coach- you know who you are!
The weekend also saw 37227 fire up for the first time in over 2 1/2 years, much to the amazement of those in attendance on the Sunday. The loco also made a few tentative moves up and down the north end before being shut down and inspections taken place. Well done to all the guys involved with that project, and about time too.
From what we saw and heard, the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all, including all the crews, fitters, organisers, other staff and of course the public who came for the thrash!
If you would like to make any suggestions or have any comments, please send us an email.
Here are a few pictures from the weekend;

31130 leads 31135 out of Market Bosworth towards 'airstrip bridge'.

The visitor for the gala was this strange little thing, the German railbus which came with its own driver and fitter, who were a pleasure to work with for the week (and useful in helping Adrian on 47244). It was the diesel group steed on the Sunday afternoon for a jolly down the line (see pic later on), and was thoroughly enjoyed.

Adrian and Andre (Railbus mechanic) give the 47 a quick rinse down ready for the weekend in the glorious Autumn sunshine.

A picture taken inside the railbus of an unsuspecting Jonny after a day driving the shoebox (73114), all of the crews got on board for the final trip of the weekend and was the perfect opportunity to discuss the event and what we are going to do to make the April 2007 gala bigger and better than ever.

Some of the 31 bashers decided it would be a good idea to get in the way of Tango's photo, you know who you lot are!

The crowd gathers to witness 37227 starting up for the first time in 2 1/2 years.

The moment we had all been waiting for, 37227 coming back to life. Definitly not the cleanest of diesels I agree, but she is clearing out alot now and sounds alot better too now we have been tinkering with the power unit.